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Moonshot Community Guidelines

These guidelines are here to help Moonshot users contribute to the Moonshot Community in a way that is respectful and safe for the community at large. As a reminder, our users are from all corners of the world, so we ask all to be mindful of different nuances and cultural norms when determining the appropriateness of content shared on Moonshot.

While we celebrate and strongly encourage creativity and freedom of expression, we will always prioritize user safety and protect against any illegal activity on our platform. If we learn of unlawful content on Moonshot, we will take appropriate action, including removal of content, disabling an account, or contacting law enforcement where necessary. 

Moonshot reserves the right to request a user remove, or proactively remove of its own accord, any content that it deems inappropriate for the community that may not be specifically outlined here. 

NSFW Content

  • If you regularly post adult-oriented content, otherwise deemed NSFW, please respect those in our community that do not wish to see it by flagging your profile Not Safe for Work (NSFW) through your account settings.

  • If you regularly post adult content and do not mark your account NSFW, we may ask you to do so, or we may flag your account NSFW for you. If you abuse our NSFW rules, your account may be suspended or removed.

  • If you choose not to view adult content, all NSFW posts will be hidden and NSFW member avatars and headers will be pixelated accordingly.

  • Do not post any content depicting sexual stimulation or penetration.

  • Content featuring sex toys and accessories - if such objects are replicas of genitalia or appear in any content that depicts sexual activity - is not permitted.

  • Moonshot does not allow any nude content involving minors. Content that appears to be sexualizing a minor will be removed

Do not Hate

  • Slurs or hate speech, including denigrating comments involving race, sexual orientation, religious or political belief, age, or just about anything else, whether personal or general are not allowed.

  • Harassment or bullying including body shaming, threatening messages and sexual advances;

  • Discrimination of any kind. This includes gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, identity or disability;

Do not promote Violence or Self-Harm.

  • Content that depicts graphic violence, especially if criminal in nature (e.g. stabbing, beheadings, rape, sexual assault, domestic abuse) is prohibited.

  • Moonshot does not allow any content that glorifies, supports, or enables users to inflict physical harm on others or themselves (e.g. cutting, burning, eating disorders, suicide).

  • Content that depicts or promotes physical violence against or mistreatment of an animal, including sexual interaction with an animal, is prohibited.


  • Moonshot only allows content showing recreational, legally allowed drugs in the United States (including cannabis). However, such content cannot promote or enable the sale of such drugs. In addition, users cannot use Moonshot as a platform through which to sell or otherwise transact in the distribution of drugs.

Do not infringe on other people’s copyrights and trademarks.

  • Please do not post content that belongs to third parties without their consent. Please make sure you have the right to post the content that you share on Moonshot. Please only post content that is legal. You can not post content that violates governmental law or regulation.

Please do not be a technological nuisance.

  • Please do not try to circumvent or compromise our security or access non-public areas of the Moonshot. Please do not use robots or other automated technology to access Moonshot. Please do not scrape content from Moonshot. Please do not try to deceive members or the general public. Please do not intentionally load test our Service to see how much traffic Moonshot can handle. Please Do not distribute viruses or malware to or through Moonshot.

If you encounter abusive behavior or someone who is not acting in accordance with our Community Guidelines, please report it by contacting support team will assess the situation, and take action as necessary.

Last update: June, 2021

© 2021 The Moonshot Labs, All rights reserved.

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