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Shoot for the Moon

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Photography Gamified

Moonshot is a free community photography game/app for iOS.

Challenge, motivate, and empower yourself by participating in international photo contests, events, and competitions  -  all done directly from your phone!

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Participate to new challenges everyday.

Original Content Only!

Moonshot only supports authentic images and fair competition! All photos are shot directly from within the Moonshot app!
No fakes. No uploads.
Community challenges are unique and dynamic, designed and created to promote exploration and push artistic potential -- to constantly challenge both the creativity and the resourcefulness of Moonshot photographers.
create a challenge, upload a photo, instagram alternative

“Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the Moon.”

- Paul Brandt

“Aim for the Moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.”
- W. Clement Stone
photo contest game app

Photographic Challenges

Moonshot encourages players to take on a variety of photography objectives in the form of dynamic community challenges, quests, and competitions.
Once all photos have been submitted, Moonshot players vote on their favorite (or most applicable) entry for each challenge. When the event ends, the winners are chosen based on accumulated community votes! Individual votes award small amounts of XP while challenge victories award large amounts!

How Moonshot Works

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Snap and Submit

To encourage authenticity and fairness, Moonshot only allows for the submission of legitimate photos taken from within the Moonshot app. Competition should always be fair and accessible.
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Create a challenge

Users can submit a photo with one hashtag, which will then begin or enter a 3-day community photography competition. Share your experiences and encourage others to participate!
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Challenges include competition elements, and votes are integral to the Moonshot experience! You can upvote your favorite photos and even use badges to support them!
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Level Up

Every action in Moonshot will award you experience points. Submissions, participation, votes, victories, even defeats! Your Moonshot camera is your weapon, level up to unlock powerful new abilities and features!
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Conquer the Leaderboards

Submitted photos automatically compete with other challenge submissions and are ranked in real-time based on community voting! Moonshot features photos based exclusively on community popularity!
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Become a Moonstar

Only the top 10 players in the Moonshot community are given the "Moonstar" title. Gather XP by submitting photos, voting in competitions, and winning challenges to earn it!

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Security and Privacy

We do not track or share user data in any way!

No third-party analytics or monetization of user information. Ever.

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No ads!

Moonshot will never use ads! Instead, we will introduce optional skills and camera themes that can be purchased using mooncoins, a premium currency which can be earned slowly through gameplay or purchased directly using in-App Purchases!

What people are saying

Very cool idea! I joined the TestFlight and the UI is chef’s kiss. I wish you guys best of luck in your endeavor and am excited to get snapping!

It's really good idea, I was amazed when I saw it at first. 
I like how you can level up when you post pictures and get likes. 
I like that you can only take picture at the moment so it's more authentic.

That UI is cool! The concept…. 😘👌

The fact that user cannot select any photos makes this app unique and stands out among the rest of the apps.

Love the concept especially the one hashtag only rule!

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